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Have you ever needed, or wished, that you could somehow go beyond using WinRAR.exe and swiftly learn how to create, customise or improve your own applications from inside Windows?

Let me introduce you to RAR.exe, the slightly older brother of WinRAR that will provide you with a much larger set of commands and switches than are available to us with WinRAR.exe.

This unique RAR Command Line Course is designed to guide and teach you how to make best use of RAR.exe’s 100+ Commands and Switches by using the Windows Command Line app.

You will start this very useful free 13 part email course by learning about RAR.exe and many of its command and switches, as these are described in your four RAR Bonus sheets.

Then you will become familiar with using Windows Command Line as we discover its more useful commands that we can use to create command line code with RAR.exe. Want to join us? Just click here!

Due to the increasing interest by WinRAR users to learn how to use RAR.exe, this course was originally to be included in the Introductory section of my six hour video RAR Secrets Course. So I have decided to make it widely available to WinRAR.exe users, while the extended RSC is currently being updated into 10 minute video training sessions that will be launched in January next year.

Students on this RCL course will of course be invited to go on the RAR Secrets Course Priority List. There they they can extend their experience to discovering how to use both Windows Batch files, and its more advanced Powershell apps, to create a wide range of very useful multi-line RAR applications, for both business and your own use.

To learn more more about the RAR Secrets Course, or more about this free course, go to: here.

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