WinRAR How To

Home of your RAR Secrets Course, launching August 2023!

Have you ever needed, or wished, that you could somehow go beyond using WinRAR.exe and swiftly learn how to create, customise or improve your own applications?

Let me introduce you to RAR.exe, the older brother to WinRAR that will provide you with a much larger set of commands and switches than are available to us with WinRAR.

You can start this very useful learning process to use RAR.exe in Windows Command Line, with the free RAR Cmnd Line, RCL course, as it is the introductory section of the full course which is available here as a 13 part email series!

Also anyone interested in using RAR.exe is now invited to access our free RAR Cmnd Line members area and join our discussions on the basics of using RAR for Windows. So in the top Menu, just click on Welcome then Log In to register and join us!.

Then in August 2023 we will be inviting you to join us and follow on from that that basics course, with our low cost advanced RAR Secrets Course, to guide and teach you how to make best use of many of RAR.exe’s 100+ Commands and Switches. That course then takes you well beyond the RAR.exe basics to then be ready to create and use your own more useful Batch files. You can then complete this advanced course by learning and using many of the Windows based very useful Powershell scripts, that are provided for you to then create a wide range of very useful RAR based projects for everyday and occasional use, for business or for your own use.

Also included in the advanced RAR Secrets Course is our RSC Members private discussion group that will also be available from the RSC launch.

For more about the RAR Secrets Course go to: here.