What is RAR and why should I use it?

RAR enables you to use its many powerful functions as it is the original Windows DOS text mode version that predates WinRAR and this updated version is still in everyday use worldwide as its many extra functions enable it to go way beyond WinRAR’s more limited functions.

RAR is available in downloadable customised versions for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android phones plus FreeBDS Operating Systems (OS).

Why would I want to use RAR?

Because it provides direct access into your OS, there is a much wider range of possible commands and switches available for both advanced users and those of us who are willing to learn how to make good use of RAR. As each of these text mode functions will provide us with more detailed and finer control than is possible with a graphical interface such as Windows.

When would I use RAR?

With RAR you will have full use of the many powerful “low level” functions inside your OS (Operating System).

So have you ever been a bit frustrated using WinRAR, when its commands don’t quite do exactly what you require?

Then I suggest you try looking up the extensive list of RAR commands and switches that are available inside Help (at the top right of each WinRAR window),as well as the rar.txt document that is supplied with WinRAR.

In there you are sure to find at least one command for what you want to do.

But unless you are already quite familiar with the wide range of those commands and functions, you will find there is a learning curve to overcome.

How can I learn to use RAR?

You could start learning by trial and error by working through the RAR functions, but that will take quite a chunk of your time to become proficient with using RAR.

Here’s an overview:

In Windows if you first open the Command Prompt, CMD, then you can enter one or more RAR commands and switches on one line.

Once familiar with that, you can take it to the next level by including programming functions such as If … Then on multiple lines.

But you must remember to make a .txt copy of that file you can reuse and modify those functions.

The next level is to rename that .txt file to .bat, then you can add a wide variety of Windows BATch file commands to create mini-programs that are now capable of a much wider range of uses.

But there is also a higher level and little known ‘secret’ to using RAR!

Windows Powershell makes using RAR far more powerful by enabling us to create a wider range of useful mini apps.

Powershell is a far more capable programming utility than .BATch files, so that you can use it to automate regular, tedious, or time consuming tasks and then use them from inside Windows.

Powershell includes a command line shell and a continuously advanced scripting language, making it extremely useful for those of us that need to get more done with RAR.

How do I start?

Does all this sound too difficult for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I can provide you with answers to these questions with my RAR Secrets course that I have designed and updated over the last couple of years for RAR (and WinRAR users) just like you.

During this course you will become familiar with the 100+ RAR Commands and Switches. Then you learn how to use them starting with introductions to Windows Command Line and .BATch files before looking into Windows PowerShell to customise and create ‘mini-apps’ to your exact requirements.

This 6 week, video based course is currently being updated and is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2022. So do check back here soon for your opportunity to go on the priority list, before the general public gets to hear about it!

Return here soon and click here to learn more about this course when as it becomes available, then by providing your name and best email. I will keep you informed about this very useful course.

Selwyn Arrow, WinRAR How To

P.S. The latest version of both WinRAR and RAR is now available, so you can download from here.