RAR Beginnings

Back in the days before the internet appeared, I had already been running BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems) for 10 years. These were spread around the world thanks to an ad hoc network called FidoNet. We used 300bps (bits per second) hand built modems to connect via telephone and toll calls. Each BBS had one or more

Lost WinRAR Registration Key?

Help, I’ve Lost My WinRAR Registration Key! The one question or request I get most often goes something like this: “please send me a copy of my WinRAR Registration Key as my computer has crashed, or been upgraded, and I didn’t make a backup of it”. The answer to that question depends on several factors, the

What is RAR and why should I use it?

RAR enables you to use its many powerful functions as it is the original Windows DOS text mode version that predates WinRAR and this updated version is still in everyday use worldwide as its many extra functions enable it to go way beyond WinRAR’s more limited functions. RAR is available in downloadable customised versions for