Transfer WinRAR from old laptop or PC to its replacement

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How to transfer WinRAR from an old laptop or PC to its replacement



First you need to download the latest WinRAR version (64 or 32 bit) from and install it as installed programs cannot be copied between computers.

Assuming you already have a WinRAR license then you need to locate your backup copy of RARreg.key or RARreg.rar, or the email license file that was originally sent to you when you purchased your license. If you cannot find it then you will need to contact the WinRAR Distributor you purchased it from and ask for another copy. Failing that, you can find full details on how to proceed from here in my blog about this subject.

To install your WinRAR key file in the recommended (hidden) folder, you then go to and become a (free) member of our WinRAR How To community, as there you can access the License Autoinstall blog post from the Welcome New Member page, it also includes my autoinstall program which simplifies the install process.

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