I’ve Lost My WinRAR Registration Key!

Categories: RAR, WinRAR, WinRAR Help, WinRAR Key | Posted on Jul 31, 2013

The one question or request I get most often goes something like this:
“please send me a copy of my WinRAR Registration Key as my computer has crashed, or been upgraded, and I didn’t make a backup of it”.

The answer to that question depends on several factors, the most important being, where and from whom did you buy it from? As I am not the only authorized WinRAR (and RAR) distributor, and as these requests tend to come from all over the world, it is quite likely that I did not supply it to them, even though I have been involved for a long time.

First I do a search through my WinRAR sales registration database for individuals, companies or organisations that have purchased them through either www.winrar.co.nz (from 2007 to now), http://www.newzealand.win-rar.com (2004 to 2007), or Arrow Computer Services Ltd (all the way back to 1994). If they have bought it from me and have provided enough information to correctly identify them, then I simply package it up and email it to them, as it’s all part of the service that WinRAR distributors provide.

But it gets interesting when I have no record of their WinRAR registration purchase under the information they provided. As of course I could not have information for all the other WinRAR distributors around the world. My question to them is; do they know where they purchased their license from? Then if they are still in business they are the first place to call.

Failing that all I can do is suggest that they email the International WinRAR distributors support(at)win-rar.com and provide them with as much information about their registration, including:

• the approximate date it was registered
• their name
• company (if applicable)
• address (at that time)
• the string of characters they used for their registration (av code phrase).

What will also help is to let them know where/whom it was purchased from (the name of the website or shop) and how it was paid for (e.g. credit card, money transfer, cheque etc.). And any e any old e-mail or mailing address(es) that may have been used at the time that WinRAR license was purchased.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, the important message of this blog is: always be sure you immediately and securely back up a copy of ALL registration information you receive. If you don’t, then you may have to purchase another copy if the business you bought it from does not provide a replacement policy as WinRAR does!

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