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Author Topic: Option to ignore softlinks, reparse points etc. pp.
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Post Option to ignore softlinks, reparse points etc. pp.
on:  20170501

Dear all,

I frequently want to archive/backup folder structures that contain softlinks and I DO NOT WANT to backup the targets of those softlinks.
Has winrar an option (either the gui or the command line) to ignore those softlinks targets?
Just an example : Consider making a backup of the folder c:\windows.old (typically exists after an update of windows). That folder contains many softlinks that point to live folders under c:\users or c:\programdata. A backup should only contain all folders and files from c:\windows.old but not from c:\users\... etc.

Thx in advance and Best regards

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Post Re: Option to ignore softlinks, reparse points etc. pp.
on:  20170615

Hi W.
WinRAR Help uses the term symbolic links instead of softlinks.
You can use the "Save symbolic links as links" option on the "Advanced" page of the archiving dialog to save and restore NTFS symbolic links and reparse points as links, so their contents are not archived. The command line equivalent of this option is the -ol switch.
The similar option for NTFS hard links is "Save hard links as links". Its command line equivalent is the -oh switch.

If you wish, you can read the full the text in the WinRAR Help file "Archive name and parameters dialog: advanced options" as it ranks as #2, 3rd paragraph when searching for "archive" or "symbolic".
Store symbolic links as links
Store NTFS symbolic links and reparse points as links, so file contents is not archived. Such archive entries are restored as symbolic links or reparse points when extracting. You may need to run WinRAR as administrator to create symbolic links when extracting. Symbolic links pointing outside of destination folder, with absolute paths or excessive number of ".." in link target, can present a security risk and are extracted only if "Allow absolute paths in symbolic links" option in extraction dialog is set or -ola switch is specified. Supported for RAR 5.0 archives only.

Apologies for the delay in responding, the Forum software is supposed to advise me for each new post, but it has stopped doing that - one more item that needs to be replaced before my WinRAR Video Training course is ready!

Best regards, Selwyn

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