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Author Topic: custom archive filename
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Post custom archive filename
on:  20160509

I would like to create archives with the full filename including filetype extension

Is it possible to include custom expression (automatically) in new archive filename (without batch file/command line) so I wouldn't have to type in the extension always manually?

what I tried was to reference filename as <filename> (as with the command line syntax) in the add to archive GUI but it apparently doesn't work

Also is it possible to edit (create custom) context menu items?

add to ...
add to "filename.rar"
add to ""
add to "filenameCUSTOMEXPRESSION.rar"

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Post Re: custom archive filename
on:  20160510

Hi yozox,
Very good questions! They are now being investigated by the support team.
I will get back to you when an answer is found, but if this a a bug, or if these commands could to be added as an update to a future release of WinRAR they will be escalated to the Author and this could take some time for a reply.

Regards, Selwyn

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Post Re: custom archive filename
on:  20160511

Hi Yozox,

To enable automatically including a custom expression in a new archive filename you create context menu items by changing the archive name mask in a WinRAR profile.
To do this click: Options, Settings, Compression, Create default, in "Set default compression options" click Backup, and check Generate archive name by mask, then replace the "yyyymmddhhmmss" text in the box with your CUSTOMEXPRESSION.

Step by step use:
1. Make your compression setting as you usually create an archive.
2. Save ALL options of WinRAR to your profile:
Click the Add button, in "Archive name and parameters: General options", click Profiles then click Save current settings to a new profile.
3. Profile parameters required here are:
- enter new profile name
- enable Immediate execution
- enable Add to context menu
If this option is on, the profile name will be displayed in Explorer context menus allowing you to activate a profile from it.
When you set the Immediate execution profile option, the archiving will start immediately after choosing a profile in the context menu. If Immediate execution is off, you will see the Archive name and parameters dialog first.
If Save archive name is on, WinRAR will use the saved name for the new archive.
If Save selected file names is on, both names stored in the profile and names selected in Explorer will be added to the archive.

Should you need further information, in the WinRAR help file search for: Archive name and parameters dialog: general options, then select: Generate archive name by mask.

Do get back to me if any of this is confusing.

Regards, Selwyn

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