Creating empty .rar files

Categories: Advanced, WinRAR | Posted on Feb 21, 2015

Over in the Forum you will see that I have answered a support question about creating empty .rar files, where the file name is based on the source of the files.

It’s relatively easy to manually create an empty .rar file, so here are the steps:

  1. open Windows Explorer (I use Windows key + E) and go to your folder of choice
  2. Right click on any folder or non executable file, and you will see NewWindows Explorer - WinRAR Archive
  3. Hover over New until you see the right panel appear
  4. Now click on WinRAR archive and your empty file will be createdNew WinRAR archive.RAR
  5. Even though Windows shows it as 1 KB, to prove it is empty click to open it and WinRAR will show it is 0 bytes0 bytes
  6. You can go one stage further and click on the Info icon above to seeEmpty file graph
  7. To change the file name from ‘New WinRAR archive’ to a source directory name, just right click on it and select Rename.

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