What’s new with WinRAR 5.x?

RAR5 Otion

WinRAR 5.0 was released in September 2013. For many of us it’s most significant change is the ability to now create RAR5 files. These have a higher compression ratio and feature significant speed gains compared to compressed files created with WinRAR 4.x. The earlier RAR and ZIP compression options are

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I’ve Lost My WinRAR Registration Key!

The one question or request I get most often goes something like this: “please send me a copy of my WinRAR Registration Key as my computer has crashed, or been upgraded, and I didn’t make a backup of it”. The answer to that question depends on several factors, the most important being, wher

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RAR Beginnings

Over the last month or so I have been researching WinRAR and RAR for my forthcoming WinRAR How To eBook series and that reminded me of its beginnings nearly 20 years ago. But first let me set the scene as it was way back then in late 1993 when RAR version 1.0 was released. The […]

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